Breath, Blood & Tempo

by Chris Gostling & The Tempo

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This album is about 8 years in the making. The songs are each perspectives I have witnessed throughout my life so far, and the stories that followed. - Chris Gostling


released February 13, 2016

All songs written by Chris Gostling

Songs Performed By:

Chris Gostling
Voice, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Shakers

Adam McNeill
Voice, Bass Guitar, Hammond B3, Wurlitzer, Vibraphone, Hand Claps

Andrew Procter

Justin Cathcart
Drums, Hand Percussion, Gang Vocals, Hand Claps

John Dinsmore
Banjo, Mandolin, Acoustic & Electric Guitars

Recorded at Lincoln County Social Club by John Dinsmore

Produced by Chris Gostling & The Tempo and John Dinsmore

Mastered by Fedge



all rights reserved


Chris Gostling & The Tempo Toronto, Ontario

The Tempo are:

Adam McNeill
Andrew Procter
Riley O'Conner

Chris Gostling
does not write bios well.

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Track Name: Scattering Of Stars
I saw the scattering of stars, and whispered at them given names
I read a book when i was young, said even stars they go away
Apparently they are so far, and a beam of light doesn’t need a name
And now we look up in the sky, and trails of light with given names

There was a time when it was hard, and people lived a different day
We say that as if we were there,
But it’s in our songs so its not the case
And which comes first the need for change
Or the subdivision of our fate,
And now we look up in the sky, at trails of light with given names

Well the pioneers they had their day,
Just the path ahead and their given names
They forgot to write the reasons down,
Or lost the books along the way
Cause i looked at every single page
And only learned that stars go away
And now we look up in the sky, at trails of light with given names.
Track Name: The Magician
Well you once told me you were a magician
And i asked you to show me some proof
You said close my eyes and just listen to the lies
If i listened close enough i’d find the truth

You don’t like the words we say, but we say them all the same
And they don’t like the things we do, but we do it all the same

Well you once told me i was a cowboy
And i would ride off in the sun any day
Well i’m still sittin here so you can pacify your fear,
I wouldn’t want it any other way

They once told us that we were fisherman
And we’d have more than anything we need
But when you cut it open wide, and still you find inside
It’s better off instead of when it bleeds
Track Name: Water And Its Edge
We cross our hands and close our eyes
And give into the blurring of the lines
We push things past the point where we begin, to see how we unwind
And the closer that I get to you
Is the closer that I’m feeling just like me
And I wonder what we’re paying for
When all the thing in life we need are free

And we go down, down past the water and it’s edge
Down past the needle and the thread,
Down past the point of things unsaid

I like the way the pain rolls off your tongue
When you mouth the words that I sing
Give me one good reason why,
I will give you one good reason one good thing
And I do not understand the thinking, why we choose to fall so far.

Reveal me one more thing that i didn’t know about you yesterday
And I’ll give you all i have to give, more than i can give away
Track Name: The Boat
By the time you read this note, I will be fast upon a boat
May be a ship but they don’t say, I go about things the wrong way

And you will walk upon the shore, and you will only ask for more
But you can’t reap what I don’t sow, so upon that ship i go

And it seems to me that you racing for the day
When the youth, was not so young
And you hold so tight, the feeling of a broken muse
Past the point when it isn’t fun

And I can barely hold this drink, as you stand alone and think
Bout the time that we both know, from the summer to the snow

And time will only pass us by, like the blinking in your eye
It’s the stuff we can’t get past, it will die before we last
Track Name: Say Goodnight
We may win and we may lose,
And we all get the choice to choose once
But the winnings only won by the one’s who’ve won and
We have never won once, and that’s not fun

Say goodnight, to me now cause I don’t think I will be here in an hour
Say goodnight and dance with me, while the dancing’s good

Well a checkered past will lay upon the floor
As we’re headed for the door
And the sign upon the wall says “mind the gap” so we don’t fall
But we don’t realize how far we’ve fallen
Track Name: Fix It If You Like
Oh the train tracks they lie, side by side, from morning til night
Why do you hold onto things when they don’t go quite right

Well the platform it seemed so alone, so I stood by your side
And that 4:55 was on time, there was no place to hide

They say what doesn’t kill us, only makes us strong
But they don’t say what to do, when your already gone

Half of the lights they don’t work in the department store sign
And i never understood why you felt they still seems to shine
Well we could fix them in the night real late, you can help if you like
But you turned and caught your breath and walked on
And I pushed both our bikes

When the simple thing to do isn’t clear, we do what we like
And the honest act of fear isn’t brave so we stand and we strike
Well you put all you had in my hands and said it’s time to go
Well it’s not what you own that is pain, it’s what we don’t know
Track Name: Little
December gazes while away, while January calls
The leaves are all alone at night, while temperature still falls
You climb alone inside your mind, apart from all the rest
You exercise your right to need, you still demand the best

I don’t know why you have come, to listen to me speak
Cause I’ll speak to you like someone would if, someone wasn’t weak

The dead of night can freak me out, I don’t know what to say
The words inside me seem to shout, and all I wants the day
You sacrifice the good for time...
It’s time we can’t commit
So your left without a single thought, not a precious piece of it

You start your day awake and bright, just ready for it all
While those around you run on by, a life they don’t recall
And in the mind of one your size
The people seem so tall
But when you ask them what they want, you no longer feel small
Track Name: Breath Blood And Tempo
And I know that this is overwhelming
I can see that you won’t be the same
Understand that they had all their reasons

And I know that you’ll be ok

It must seem that we have all the answers
It must seem, that we hold, all the cards
But at times I’m not sure of the question

And I know that you’ll be ok

Terrified is not that bad a feeling
From time to time it’s a humble form of pain
And what you hold is breath, and blood and tempo

And I know that you’ll be ok
Track Name: Slow Divide
We stayed awake love. Staring at the sunrise in my mind
With the untold space between us, building a slow divide
Heartbreaking, seems to be a team sport
It’s better in the cold cold rain,
When both sides show up for the game

Strip away it all and leave behind
Only what I love, only what I know

The temperature in my car, always seems 12º below the freeze
We exhausted possibilities of reprieve
Your firelight at it burned out in the night
Was partly due to the fact that we loved the fight
And we both knew the long long road, we had tonight

I feel the car crash went very well don’t you think

Staring back at me from the bottom of the kitchen sink
And if it’s not done, just quite right
You can grow to lose integrity in the night
You can take what’s yours but not what’s mine
Unless you feel I owe you something more divine
I would love to leave with everything,
But I’ve only got two shoulders for carrying
Track Name: Twice The Pain
Oh just don’t slow down
When your feet are underwater
And your head is hardly moving in the drink

They won’t let you live
If you ever tell your woman
Bout the fear inside, it’s all that’s left to give

I don’t mind, half the time
There is twice the pain and it’s more than we know
There is twice the pain and it’s more than we know
There is twice the pain and it’s more than we know my dear

When the lights went out
It was more than just the darkness
And the constant lack of dreaming that we lost

Whisper four kind words
When you’re walking past a stranger
For he’s breathing in, more than what you heard
Track Name: A Little More
Give me your hand while were walking
Past the rocks beyond the shore
Give me your eyes while were talking

Cause all I want
Is a little more

It’s not the things we know that make us
Or the things we don’t know are
We pass the time with good intentions

Because all I want is a little more
Because all I want is a little more

Between the sheets and silver lining
Cast aside like those who shine
We piss away into this boozy afternoon

And we lie
Just a little more
And we drink
Just a little more
Track Name: More Than You Will Ever Know
While the waitress packs up all the tables,
And looks outside the open door
And the bartender flipping through the want ads,
Seeing if there’s something more
And we patronize the patrons, and the shitty tv stations,
Cause we know there’s something more

And I’ve forgotten more than you will ever know,
And I will hold your breath through the deep parts of the snow
And we’ll go like this for a thousand years,
Past the pain and the frustration, and the underrated tears
And we go

While the church bell is signaling a warning
Looking for the morning sun
And the patrons shuffle by the stations
Looking for the words of one
And we know, we are somewhere we, should never be

And we see, just as far as we can see
And we give, just enough to say that we gave
And I love the way that you look at me, when I don’t behave
Track Name: Six Feet In A Hole
They both set out for Carolina, one day on a train
To watch the people hurry by and get out of the rain
And I say yeah, oh to get out of the rain

They didn’t know why they had done it, only that they had
Circumstances terrified them, but it wasn’t bad
And I say yeah, but it wasn’t bad

Time may tell us what we don’t know
Time may tell us what we can or cannot show
Time may tell us what we don’t know
Or what that isn’t…

It started out one starry night in hometown Tennessee
A local boy and his new girl were out in all their glee
And I say yeah, out in all their glee

The quarterback and his drunk friends were out late at a dive
His girl was to be caught red-handed kissing number 5
And I say yeah, she was kissing number 5

It turns out mister touchdown king had a thing for hitting Tess
It was only the girl and the new boy that saw beyond the rest
And I say yeah, they saw beyond the rest

They all just stood there for a moment, fists cut through the air
Bodies tumbled, screams just cut thin, but she didn’t care
And I say yeah, but she didn’t care

And when the dust cleared they just stood there right above the soul
He was where he belonged, six feet in a hole
And I say yeah, six feet in a hole